2019/2020 Season


at home and on the road


~Nois presents a whole host of concerts this year in our home of Chicago and across the country. We’re particularly excited to be heading to the West Coast for the first time in February and March and for our first tour of Wisconsin (Jordan won’t stop talking about the Packers…). We’ll be heading back to New York a few times to get those dollar slices (and to play music, of course), and we can’t wait for a few multi-day residencies at the University of Colorado, Boulder and University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Head over to the ~Concerts page to find out all of the details!


Afterimage: ~Nois Plays the Music of Kinds of Kings


Afterimage is a brand new program for ~Nois featuring works written by each member of the Kinds of Kings composer collective. Exploring themes of contemporary life including riotous nights out, street harassment, displacement and isolation, and living through moments of darkness, Afterimage is the first collaboration between Kinds of Kings and ~Nois. The concert will include two world premieres, and take place in the Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles areas. Kinds of Kings member Shelley Washington will join János on her baritone saxophone duet Big Talk in New York, while Taimur Sullivan of the Grammy award-winning PRISM Quartet will join for the Chicagoland performance. Kinds of Kings is Susanna Hancock, Maria Kaoutzani, Finola Merivale, Emma O’Halloran, Gemma Peacocke, and Shelley Washington.

Residencies and Master Classes


In addition to playing, we LOVE working with students all across the country through our residencies and master classes. This season, we’ll have two multi-day residencies at the University of Colorado, Boulder (where we’ll premiere 3 new student compositions!) and the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. We’ll work with many more performers and composers on everything from saxophone technique, contemporary compositional styles, and entrepreneurial skills.